Seven Patio Makeover Ideas

Your dream patio and backyard are closer than you think. All it takes to make the patio and backyard of your dreams is a little time and money from you and working with our team to design and create the backyard or patio of your dreams. Our team can assist from small projects or touches in your backyard to patio makeovers you see on television. 

The following is a list of seven patio makeover ideas to begin to think about your patio makeover.

1. Patio Outdoor Kitchen

When the weather is nice there is no better way to enjoy your outdoor space than to cook in your outdoor kitchen. With an outdoor grilling station and an outdoor sink, you can cook outside to your heart’s desire and have an easy cleanup when you are finished. Outdoor cooking is reminiscent of campfires and many of our childhoods. Additionally, it does not take much to turn a small space into a gourmet outdoor kitchen. Cooking on your patio in your outdoor kitchen can turn the work of cooking dinner into a fun outdoor activity, which culminates in eating under the stars. 

Outdoor kitchens are not only viable options for the summer. You can use outdoor heaters or a fireplace to turn your outdoor kitchen into a space you can enjoy all year. By building an outdoor kitchen that is adjacent to your patio, you can enjoy the view of your backyard, while cooking all year. 

Additionally, you can build a semi-outdoor kitchen by enclosing a portion of your outdoor kitchen for warmth in winter months. The use of stone, wood, and glass will assist you making your outdoor kitchen blend into the surroundings of your backyard.

When you build a complete outdoor dining area you can do everything in one space and never make a mess in your house. A complete outdoor dining area may include a barbeque grill, gas burner, a sink, ice maker, refrigerator, storage, and even a dishwasher. Any or all of these features will assist you in enjoying your outdoor dining area for years.

2. Brick Fireplace 

the addition of an outdoor fireplace will add value and character to your home. You and your loved ones will make lasting memories for years to come with by the warm fireside. As you and your family will spend many nights by your outdoor fireplace for years to come, it is important that your outdoor fireplace project is handled by the right contractor and meets your needs.

You’ve heard about location, location, location in real estate; however, the same holds true for where you install your outdoor fireplace. Location is key to success. Your outdoor fireplace should be located somewhere that is easy to access, allows for proper ventilation, and not so close to your house that it is a fire hazard. 

Your outdoor fireplace should be built on a solid surface, if the ground that you plan to build on is too soft, it is important to build a concrete pad or other foundation for your fireplace. Proper drainage is often overlooked as well. It is important to choose a dry location that will easily drain water. 

When considering the fuel source to use for your outdoor fireplace you need to consider municipal ordinances as well as the following factors: 

  • Wood burning fireplaces are less expensive to operate and put off more heat than other fuel sources
  • Gas burning fireplaces are more convenient than wood burning fireplaces; however, they have a greater cost. Additionally, more work is required to build an outdoor gas burning fireplace. 

Gas burning fireplaces have less operating requirements and maintenance with a convenient and easy to start fire option. However, in the end you must make the decision that fits you and your family.

3. Enclosed Patio

By adding an enclosed patio to your backyard, you will have an outdoor living space that you can use year-round. An enclosed patio with our temperamental weather in Oklahoma gives you an addition to your home that you can enjoy on the coldest nights, the hottest summer days and everything in between. 

4. Stone patio with pond

Consider building a small stone patio with a low-maintenance pond to add enjoyment to your outdoor space. You can sit by your pond and enjoy the running water and the fish, if you add them to your pond with friends and family. 

If you decide to build a koi pond, the following are important considerations. Determine how large you want the pond to be and where you want it to be located in your backyard, deciding if you want a water feature or waterfall to be included, as well as any lighting features you want to build. 

5. Landscape and furniture

Crisp and clean landscaping can make all the difference in the appearance of your patio and greatly improve your enjoyment of your backyard. One of the easiest landscaping ideas is to create landscaping space around your hardscape spaces, i.e. the concrete pad of your patio. Raised planters and flower beds can create distinct spaces to your patio and backyard, as well as stones, scrubs, and other plants to add color to the area. 

Your patio space may be beautiful without decoration; however, the functionality and enjoyment of your outdoor space will be limited, if you do not have the appropriate furniture to maximize your use of the space. Upgrading your furniture as part of your patio makeover will grab the attention of your guests and improve your enjoyment of your outdoor space. The right furniture in your backyard and patio is the perfect showcase for your outdoor living area.

6. Add a Pergola

The centerpiece of most patio and outdoor living space improvements is the addition of a pergola or separate space for entertaining outside of your main back patio. An elegant pergola will add a brand new vertical dimension to your backyard space. A pergola or other structure in your backyard living space will add a dimension to your backyard that will help you stand out from the crowd. Your pergola will stand as a focal point, whether it covers a dining area, seating area, or something else. Your new pergola can also provide shade and privacy to your new outdoor living area.

7. Water or Fire Feature

A new water feature or fire feature can also be a great addition to your patio or outdoor loving space. A fire feature, whether it is a fire pit, a fireplace, or simply a decorative fire feature can greatly increase your enjoyment of your outdoor living areas, as well as your guests. A flickering fire can make evening use of your patio much more enjoyable with the ambience of a soft fire or the warmth of a fireplace.

Whether it is a summer night cooking marshmallows or a winter night to stay warm, building a stone fire pit in your backyard will add a feature to your outdoor living space that you and your family will enjoy for years to come. Fire pits come in many styles and designs, which can be modified for your specific style and design goals. 

Similarly, a water feature on or near your patio can add ambience and an atmosphere of peace. Water features can create a soft background noise to cancel out the sound of traffic or other distractions from your enjoyment of your outdoor living space. 


You have nearly unlimited options in designing and adding to your backyard and patio space. We hope this short list of common backyard and patio improvements is helpful in your process of deciding the project you want to start. However, if you have additional questions or would like to schedule a free strategy session to evaluate your options and determine your goals, we offer free strategy sessions for just that purpose! 

Are you ready to start your patio improvement or outdoor living project? Call us today or fill out the contact information on this page and our team will reach out to you. Our home renovation team will speak to you about your options and discuss the possibilities for your project.

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