Home Office Updates

One thing we have learned from the 2020 pandemic is the need for individuals to have a quality space to work at home. A home office or dedicated workspace helps you avoid distractions and focus on projects and deadlines that previously were accomplished in a formal office setting. The space can be a converted guest room or a small alcove in the corner of a master bedroom. Whatever space you chose as your pajama office, LRH Home Improvement division can assist in creating the most productive space for you and your working needs. 

If space is a challenge and you happen to embrace the minimalist concept, the idea of using one wall in a bedroom and adding built in cabinetry with a desk could be the office fitted for you. An alcove or bay window area that was previously thought of as wasted space could also be creatively converted to that perfect workspace. 

A hanging desk mounted to a wall is a space saving concept popular in today’s home office.

Creative and stylish cabinets lend themselves as space saving yet beautiful features that can also add resell value to your home. Pre-finished cabinetry can be fitted into a desired location in the home. These built-ins are often seen with a desk and bookshelves. Adding a custom countertop is a design enhancement that adds color and style to the work area. 

Adding features such as ceiling fans, surround sound and special lighting will add to the feel and enjoyment of getting something accomplished while at home. LED strip lighting or disk lighting along with wireless ceiling fans are two of many ideas with the flexibility to mesh into any home office design concept. There are many more that can also be added to fit any need that comes to mind. 

The built-in concept does not have to mean cabinetry. Framed in sheetrock niches and shelving are more customized to the space and finished with any paint color a decorator recommends. These spaces are often supported by a floating desk as a focal point. 

LRH Home Improvements can connect you with the perfect decorator that can make your home office a space you will not want to leave. 

Ceiling treatments are another added feature that makes a work area warm and inviting. Simple trim such as crown molding or boxed out beams give one something to stair at while they ponder creation of their company business plan. They sure beat that flat white boring ceiling and are not as pricy as one might think. There are many looks in today’s world of painted pine or reclaimed oak. 

Wallpaper is a decorating trend that has come and gone and come again. It is being used in home offices today as home workers desire a feel that sometimes is completely opposite of any other room in the house. Wallpaper goes beyond simple paint colors by adding special patterns and designs. 

Add some special flooring such as real wood or engineered vinyl plank (EVP) to finish off the customized look of the home office. Blended flooring will complete the look and change the feel of the room completely. The darkness or brightness of the office can be controlled to a point by the selection of color on the flooring. Modern EVP flooring allows for a variety of choices in color that were not available ten years ago. 

Ceiling treatments, wallpaper and flooring can be blended to complete the look of the home office you desire. 

LRH Improvements division wants to consult you on your home office customization. We can make you a happy and productive place to work in your very own home.

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