The Ideal Laundry Room

You might live in a home that was built during a time when the laundry or mudroom was a designer’s afterthought. This means you live with the confinements of tight spaces while doing laundry or temporarily storing the kid’s stinky sports equipment on a cluttered 18 square feet of floor. Older and newer homes often have laundry rooms that do not make sense and are not a fit for today’s family lifestyles.

The design concept of a laundry room once was that it is a non-desirable location for service to the home. This notion has left our society with many ugly dysfunctional and cramped utility rooms.

Small simple laundry and mud rooms might be fine for empty nesters and retirees. The younger family with multiple children requires a better thought out space that can make the mundane tasks like laundry and after school item drops less cumbersome. Utilizing a small space and changing the way we think about this area can drastically improve a family lifestyle. Throw out the two single washer and dryer units that take up most of the space and replace them with full size stackable front load units. A good quality modern stackable unit is not like the one you had in the first apartment right out of college. Technology has changed and these are showing up in high end new homes today.

The space it can free up can be used for shelving or cubby style drop areas for kid’s shoes and back packs. This space is also referred to by some as a drop zone for groceries or delivery items. It can also be a handy space for your pets to retreat and dine out of site. 

Whatever your needs LRH Improvements can assist with the reorganization and design concept of your current space.

If you happen to have a larger space to work with, then the possibilities of what a creative designer could imagine are limited only by the bank account. Additions can range from simple shelving to built in utility sinks. Desk areas and large counter space are ideas that the crafty delight in and contribute well to the concept of home management. If you are budget conscious then improvements such as rubber flooring or stained concrete floors add an affordable yet durable area for work and messes while providing a modern stylish look.

LRH Home Improvements division would like to discuss ideas with you that can help you possess a laundry or mudroom that makes life’s choices a breeze and keeps you organized. We are ready to assist you with your remodel and bring incredible ideas and design concepts to your home.

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