Our Process

Our Process

Custom Home Building and Processes

Land Rush Homes is Your Luxury Custom Home Builder in the Oklahoma City and Surrounding Areas

It All Begins With A Relationship​

Building a custom home in Oklahoma may seem like a challenge at first, but as a trusted custom home builder in the Oklahoma City area, Land Rush Homes knows how to make you feel at ease. We begin by getting to know you as a client and listen to what your needs and desires are for your custom home. We want to know:

  • Why you want to build,
  • Where you want to build
  • What your vision and expectations are for you new home.

During our very first meeting we guarantee that we will explain the building process from the planning stages to financing and everything in between. We will present and explain our home warranty. We can and will answer all your questions and put you at ease about the process and who we are at Land Rush Homes.

Making A Plan Together

After you determine your vision for your custom home, we get to work. Step one is obtaining a footprint of your lot and studying its features. We then grab out pencils and begin work with you to create a floor plan that will fit your needs and work harmoniously with the lot. We also create a design that is conscious of your budget and gives cost allowances for things like lighting, appliances, and cabinetry. This will allow you to make choices that help you maintain your budget and get the features that you desire, which is a complex task in custom home building. We will guide you through the careful planning process that will allow you to move forward with your construction financing, while getting as many features as possible in your custom home.

Moving From Design To Permit

We now walk you through the pre-start process, from architectural design to completed blueprints, permitting, and if required HOA approval. As a trusted custom homebuilder in the Oklahoma City area it is our responsibility to ensure your home meets all necessary requirements. This is also the time when we go over the stages of our quality inspection process. We believe that your home should not just be built to code but instead to the highest quality standards and last a lifetime.

Selecting Your Features

We will work together to help guide you through the material selection process. This will help make your custom home uniquely yours. You will choose items from paint colors to flooring, cabinetry to lighting, and doorknobs to plumbing faucets and everything in between! You will have the opportunity to select the design specifications that best fit your style and make your vision a reality. Don’t worry, if you want to delegate any part of the design process, our design consultation can make recommendations for you to consider for any feature. A professional interior design consultant will be provided to assist during this very personal stage of the custom home process.

Construction Begins!

Other than closing on your new home, this is the most exciting part of the custom home building process! We have an approved permit, an established timetable, and a budget in place, now we can begin to break ground and start building! The best custom homes come from working together. We will schedule specific times for you and our team to regularly walk/inspect the construction site. Any questions and concerns that you may have will be addressed immediately. Communication with our clients is extremely important to us and we will continue to update you throughout the building process.

Here Are Your Keys

Building a custom home is an exciting journey. It provides a chance for you to create the home of your dreams. This journey might seem stressful along the way but with the experience and dedication that our team at Land Rush Homes will bring to you as our client, we can both arrive at your destination with as little stress as possible. When we hand you your keys to your new Land Rush Home, you can move in with the assurance you have a home that meets your vision and can be proud of, as well as a home built with quality and trust.

The Relationship Continues

We value our clients for the long term. Yes, there is a warranty that comes with your home that will be discussed and presented at our very first meeting. But that is not why we stick around. We care about you and how much you are enjoying your Land Rush Home. Periodically we will contact you and inquire about your custom home and make sure it is the vision that you desired, the lifestyle you enjoy and that it lives up the quality that we have promised. We are dedicated to you and your family and we stand by Family First, Excellence Always.

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