LRH Philosophy

Family First, Excellence Always
LRH Partners

In custom home building, excellence is required for client satisfaction; however, the family element of home building is often forgotten. Dedication to our own families and the families we serve is part of our core philosophy. Land Rush Homes begins every project, big and small, with a focus on our family serving yours.

John and Sean have taken that mindset and apply it to every element of the business. They are dedicated to ensuring the house they build for your family, will be a home for generations. 

Land Rush Homes is dedicated to building a limited number of homes with a constant dedication to excellence. Our company’s dedication to building that limited number of homes allows our family to be involved in every project. Founders, John and Sean, are dedicated to being personally involved in every project. 

As custom home builders, we use plans and materials, but our passion is working as a family for your family, to build a custom home that will fulfill your dreams and become a house you call home for many years. 

Our philosophies guide us to building custom homes that will last your family for generations. We build responsibly to serve our clients and their communities, while always being available for the families we serve.

A Land Rush Home is not simply a bunch of beams, brick, and mortar. Our homes are designed to become a place of love, comfort, and create memories for you and your family.

We are dedicated to listening to your vision and needs. We use our experience, craftsmanship, intelligent design, high quality materials, and integrity to build you the custom home of your dreams.

At Land Rush Homes, we know that what we are building for you is more than a home. It’s a place to spend your life together and build relationships for generations.

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