LRH Home Improvements

LRH Home Improvements is a division of Land Rush Homes that specializes in remodeling. As a remodeling company backed by a homebuilder we are a remodeler that you can trust to make your home new again.

At LRH Home Improvements we are committed to providing quality value and service to our clients. LRH will provide dedication and knowledge to every phase of your project while offering expertise and creative ideas along the way. Our main goal is to help you create a vision of your remodel based on your needs and preferences. Working with LRH Home Improvements can improve quality of life while adding value to the home.

What we do

Remodeling Process

LRH Home Improvements serves the Oklahoma City area. We can help you with remodeling your kitchen, bathrooms and more!

There are five steps to the remodeling process that we will do together with the main goal of client satisfaction and fluid communication in mind.

  1. Explore Together: During the first phase of the remodel we will do a complimentary consultation together. We will spend time getting to know one another and establish your goals for your remodel. After a thorough scope of the project has been established, you will be presented with a rough estimate of your improvement investment.
  2. Create a Plan: This phase will begin once all agree to the project goals. Additional quotes (if necessary) and design work will be obtained and presented to you for approval. An estimated timeline and detailed scope of work will also be created for you to approve.
  3. Finalizing the Plan: Once a plan is in place we will explore deeper into the remodel and select materials customized to your style. You will meet with a knowledgeable consultant at an approved design studio.
  4. Work Begins: Once a material timeline and permits are established, we will begin with demolition and construction. Communication between both of us is very important in order to avoid disruption to your daily living activities. You will be kept informed of every aspect of the project.
  5. The Final: After all quality inspections are completed and LRH Improvements is satisfied with the Fit-N-Finish of every minute detail of the remodel, a final walk will be scheduled with you. Together we will walk the project so that you ensure that every detail meets your satisfaction. Once you sign off on completion your warranty time period will begin. Now you can enjoy your new and fabulous space!

Considering a remodel is a major life changing decision and often comes with a large price tag. Three of the most common reasons to consider a remodel are as follows:

  1. Lifestyle Improvement: As your family grows so does your needs and desires regarding the functionality of your current home. The decision to remodel your home can add living space, create needed customization, and improve the overall sense of wellness. You could choose to add a home addition or remodel your kitchen or bathroom. Creating an open concept between your living and kitchen area can improve communication among family members and help avoid social detachment. Updating your home’s bathrooms, creating an entertainment area both indoors or outdoors, or adding a needed home office are many options that are positive to the homeowner’s lifestyle.
  2. Add Value to Your Home: There is no doubt that a home remodel project done well that makes sense will in fact add some value to your home. Simply adding living space to your home adds square footage. A logically thought-out remodel project will for sure add positive resale value of some sort. Before you consider a remodel or home renovation, consult the expert opinion of a professional real estate agent or an experienced home builder. Be certain the value that your home improvement will add to your home will pay off as a positive investment. Some simpler and less expensive ways to also improve resale value might be to change some dated flooring, update your light fixtures, and improve the plumbing fixtures in the kitchen and bathrooms. Whatever you decide, make sure it makes sense and will add value.
  3. Feel Happier, Safer & More Comfortable: When you decide to remodel your home, you can also improve on features that can make your home more comfortable and sometimes even safer. Making minor changes such as improved smoke and carbon dioxide detectors, a modern security system, or adding a camera doorbell can make your family safer and more secure. Improvements such as an up-to-date HVAC system and energy efficient windows might be pricey but will improve your home’s comfort level. Any renovation item no matter how big or small can help provide you with a new sense of admiration for your home. Finally, remodeling can add better functionality and a new look to your home that will make you proud.

If you are ready for a remodel or large renovation, please contact LRH Home Improvements today. We are proud to be assisting homeowners with their projects in the Oklahoma City area. We would be delighted to prepare an estimate for you and provide more information about our remodeling capabilities and custom homes.

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