Primary Bath Remodel

Does a primary bath remodel add value to your home? This question can be answered in two ways. The National Association of Remodeling Industry has stated that if a bathroom remodel is done well, a homeowner will typically recoup 50% of the cost that they put into the remodel. So yes, value is added looking at the answer from this perspective. Another consideration is the value of reselling the home. Certain prospective home buyers have a set number of bathrooms that they require. They also may consider the amount of time spent in the primary bathroom and desire a more updated one. From this perspective of value added the answer is yes. An average cost of a primary bathroom remodel could range from $20,000 to $70,000 depending on the products and owner’s desired look. Whatever your budget or design criteria LRH Improvement division wants to share three main remodel areas to consider and assist with your primary bathroom remodel.
  1. Update the floor: Replacing the flooring will bring the biggest appearance change to the overall look of the primary bathroom. Manufactures such as Mohawk and Shaw have introduced a large variety of engineered vinyl plank flooring that looks like wood but is moisture resistant and ideal for a primary bathroom. There are also affordable tile options available with a variety of looks. There is even tile flooring that looks like real wood but gives you the performance and durability that wood cannot do in a bathroom.
  2. Focus on the Tub: Don’t remove all the bathtubs from your house. Some homeowners have made this mistake because they felt they hardly ever used it and preferred showers. Then came time to sell their home and they realized others value a bathtub. Consider instead removing a boring older corner tub and opening the primary bathroom space with a free standing tub. This can add an elegant look while improving the functionality of the bathroom space. If you like the soaker tub size that you have but don’t like the look, then you might consider some of the tub refinishing choices that are on the market today. This is a much more affordable option. Whatever your decision, always remember that relaxing in a tub is still a popular trend. Why not make your primary tub look like a spa retreat.
  3. Replace the Vanity: This can be one of the most expensive aspects of a primary bathroom remodel. Updating the vanity also requires new countertops and plumbing fixtures as well as awesome looking sinks. Adding some door hardware on the vanity cabinets is another accent that adds to the look. Hi/lo combinations vanities are popular. Most homeowners prefer the higher vanity tops today and this should be considered.
Your primary bathroom remodel budget will vary depending on the materials chosen and the labor required to install them. A high level of tile will cost more to install than a high level of vinyl plank which will give you the same look and value. No matter what your concern about the budget may be LRH Improvement division can provide many creative product ideas that will bring the desired look you want in your next primary bathroom remodel.

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