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If you have been considering a bathroom remodel and you live in the OKC are you are not alone. Every year this is a popular room for a number of residents in the Oklahoma City metro area to take on as their personal home improvement. There are a number of reasons that we will talk about later. Once you decide to move forward with your bathroom remodel decision you will need a plan. Your plan should include things such as feature levels, the contractor that you would like to work with and a smart budget. LRH Improvements can help you with all the details from design, planning of construction and completing the remodel itself. You deserve a bathroom that can become a sanctuary to escape to after a hard day at work. Contact us for a free consultation to learn about how to increase the value of your home and add your own touch of style while creating comfort in your bathroom. 

Is improving your bathroom right for you?

Not everyone needs a bathroom remodel in Oklahoma City, yet most people want one. This is because there are a number of benefits that come from the decision to remodel a bathroom. Here are some of the more common reasons to remodel your bathroom.

  1. It adds to the value of your home. Most of the time you will recoup most if not all of the funds that you sink into that bathroom remodel project. However, you can plan to receive back approximately 50% to 70% as the value of your home increases. 
  2. It reduces your energy costs. Adding new lower flowing plumbing fixtures and changing the lighting to efficient LED can lower the amount of money you spend on water and electricity. 
  3. It adds much desired space. In some households, bathrooms are shared by other family members. One of the more popular bathroom improvements is to add an extra sink along with some extra storage space. This will help reduce those early morning arguments and save time getting the kids ready for school. 

Another benefit is that some homeowners find that a bathroom improvement done well creates a sense of peace that they did not find in their older dated bathroom. LRH Improvements would love to assist you with your vision of bathroom tranquility. 

How much is this going to cost?

An Oklahoma City bathroom remodel cost will depend on the feature levels of materials chosen, the size of the bathroom and the time and labor it takes to complete the project. Creating a budget is one of the most important steps in the planning process. The budget conversation should be the first one you have with your chosen contractor. Then plan all the other stages based off of the solid and established budget. Smart budgeting also means that you set aside about 20% in case unforeseen things happen when walls are opened up or cost of materials increase during the project. Make sure you ask you contractor for itemized estimates and pay attention to all the details on that estimate. It might be tempting to go with the lowest bidder, but this is not the best idea when planning an Oklahoma City bathroom remodel that you will be proud of. If you are having a tough time affording the bathroom that you desire, then it might be a good idea to continue to save for the project rather than work with a cheap contractor. 

What are some ideas for improving a bathroom?

When you remodel your bathroom in Oklahoma City, you will have the ability to see your own visions of what you bath should look like come to life. If you have trouble visioning a redesigned or updated bathroom, LRH Improvements has many great ideas that can fit your needs and budget. For example, you may want to change out that dated flooring for a beautiful tile. Maybe you have always wanted a window in the bath. Now is your chance to do that. Talk it out with your contractor and make sure that the ideas that both of you come up with fit your needs, make sense and will be within your budget. 

Can I expand my small bathroom?

Expanding any bathroom in your home, especially a primary bathroom, can add value to your home. There can be many concepts to this thought process depending upon the structural layout of your existing home. Whenever an expansion to any room is desired the contractor must attempt to figure out where that space will come from. Sometimes a toilet location can be swapped with a bathtub in order to free up space to lengthen a vanity. This will allow an additional sink to be added along with extra storage space at the same time. Other areas in the home where space can be borrowed might include a bedroom, closet, or hallway. Another popular concept is to take space from a room that does not get used as often such as a guest room or study. The idea is to use space that doesn’t get used that often more efficiently by converting it to bathroom space. At the same tile the areas where we borrowed will still remain functional.

How do you improve vanity and storage space?

Your vanity, sink and countertop are functional important necessities within your bathroom. Sometimes they can take up valuable space or use space inefficiently. Think of a bathroom with a large mirror but only has one sink for a growing family. There might be plenty of room for that second sink and extra storage. Creating a double vanity can give you extra counter space along with an additional cabinet for needed storage space. LRH Improvements has experience within the Oklahoma City area handling a bathroom remodel like this very popular one. 

You might also live in a situation where you are ok with one sink but desire extra counter space. Adding an additional vanity cabinet with doors and drawers or expanding countertop space may be what you need. This will eliminate the hassle of changing out toiletry items as you use them and save you some time in the bathroom. 

What are my choices with bathroom flooring materials?

There are a number of choices when it comes to flooring for bathrooms and other rooms with wet areas like kitchens. Considering waterproof flooring such as tile or engineered vinyl plank is a smart consideration. These products are not only waterproof but are durable and generally inexpensive to install. They come in a wide array of colors and designs from simple to elaborate. Some design experts say that the design of the bathroom starts with the flooring choice which can set the tone for the entire bathroom. A popular trend is to use calming tones such as grays and whites or light-colored vinyl planks that look like real wood. 

Using tiles on our shower surround that do not hold or absorb water is extremely important. This will help prevent mold or mildew. A top priority of LRH Improvement division is preventing water damage in your existing Oklahoma City bathroom, primary bathroom or shower addition. It is a great idea to always chose tiles that are impervious to water and will absorb less than 0.5% of the water used in your shower. These type tiles will project your home in the long run from potential water damage. 

Are there a lot of flooring patterns and designs?

Creating a bathroom that turns heads with your guests has always been an important feature that can add value to your home. Bathroom floors such as those seen in older historic homes gorgeous and inspire creativity in modern style bathroom floors. Using unique patterns and taking an unconventional route with your flooring selections can create a customized bathroom that is one of its kind. Some popular bathroom tile flooring patters are as follows:

  • Staggard widths
  • Herringbone
  • Long format laid on 1/3’s
  • Hexagonal
  • Subway tiles

Can I shape and style my shower tile designs?

The most common shower tile surround styles are a rectangular brick pattern. There is nothing wrong with this but if you want to get more creative you can incorporate some of the patterns listed previously onto the shower walls. Adding a different more expensive tile as a single vertical deco pattern on the back wall can change any boring shower into a fun and interesting place to clean up. The shower and bathroom floor are some of the most important features to any home remodel project. Make sure you also consult you remodeler about a fabulous plumbing fixture to enhance you stylist shower and bathroom design. 

Is it possible to add a shelf to my shower?

Your Oklahoma City shower or bathroom may need some shelf space added in order to use space more efficiently. Adding a shelf in a shower corner is ideal for holding your shampoo or other needed items. A shower seat can also be a desired need and can be used as a shelf as well. The shower seat tends to be much more popular with the ladies and will definitely add resale value. LRH Improvements can figure out creative ways to add shelving to your bathroom and shower. 

Why we are your bathroom remodeler.

A bathroom remodel can be a stressful experience for the homeowner. LRH Improvements division wants to make your Oklahoma City bathroom remodel fun and stress-free from beginning to end. The success of a bathroom remodel can allow you to take control of how you live in your home. As your remodeler we will help you visualize how your entire bathroom with look when completed. We are waiting for your call and will offer a free consultation.

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