Hall Bath Makeover

Hall baths are very small spaces where every little detail matters: Picking the right tile, wall color, lighting and plumbing fixtures can transform any dull and dated hall bathroom into a glamorous and stylish retreat. Hall baths are not generally a place where one spends a large amount of time; however, a beautiful hall bath can make a statement to guests and add resale value to the home. The National Association of Remodeling Industry states that when any type of bathroom remodel is done correctly and make sense, the homeowner should recoup 50% of the cost. LRH Improvement division would love to assist with reworking this investment within your home. 

Sometimes space might be an issue but if it is not then a glamorous pedestal style tub is a great look in lieu of that boring old built in steal tub. Thoughtful arranging creates a careful use of space in a narrow hall bath. Adding a double vanity with a rich wood look along with the pedestal tub gives the space the feel of a luxurious master bath. Other materials such as tile accents, wall faucets, mixed metal fixtures and special lighting provide a huge style impact. 

Let the vanity become a major focal point within the hall bath. Light marble countertops combined with a dark color vanity cabinet creates a sophisticated look. The addition of satin nickel hardware pulls help tie in the warmth of the color scheme. LRH Improvement division has a multitude of ideas for your next hall bath remodel. 

There are many choices of bathroom sinks that can add to the design element of any hall bathroom. Undermount bowls are very popular with the use of higher end countertops. They can create a modern or chic look while maintaining affordability within the budget. Adding the right sink can make any homeowner proud of their little hall bath. Oval and rectangular sinks are the most popular. Recent design trends have also shifted to round basins that drop into or sit on top of the countertop. 

Adding creative specialty lighting to a hall bath is an affordable way to obtain an expensive custom look. Matching a lighting fixtures style to a bathroom’s design is a safe bet that will leave you satisfied with your decision. Others may want to become extremely creative with this category. A hall bathroom is a good place to experiment with designs outside of the status quo design trends. Lighting is a great way to achieve any look that you have always considered but never been brave enough to try in other areas of the home. 

Try hanging a specially chosen pendant style light fixture or wall sconce over the vanity. One designer recommends looking inside of one’s jewelry box for an idea on lighting for the bath. This concept can add a glitzy jewelry style element to the bath design. 

The biggest factors when a homeowner makes the decision to remodel their hall bathroom are replacing worn out items, adding modern fixtures, and creating functional space. The National Association of Realtors said in 2017 that 75% of homeowners want to be in their home more after a remodel project. LRH Improvement division is ready and willing to help you feel this way.

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