Outdoor Patio Enhancements

A beautiful patio is a feature that can impress friends and family as well as add value to your home. Fire features, outdoor kitchens and coverings are three ideas that can turn a boring back yard patio into the envy of the neighborhood. Another added benefit is the estimated return on the investment that outdoor enhancements can provide. According to the National Association of Realtors and the National Association of Landscape Professionals homeowners who install outdoor kitchens and fire pits tend to realize a 67 percent return on their investment.

A fire feature might cost anywhere from $5500 to $7000 but you may recoup approximately $4500 when you sell your home. Nothing beats relaxing around an open fire during the cooler months and watching the kids roast marsh mellows. Whether made of stone brick or other fireproof materials, these features can create a unique focal point. Depending on the complexity, a firepit can be one of the quickest and easier home improvements to purchase for your home while not breaking the bank. Give your back yard a sophisticated improvement with a warm feel. LRH Home Improvements division can make your vision a reality.

If you enjoy entertaining and cooking outside in the back yard during the summertime, then navigating to a spectacular entertainment area is a fun idea to explore. Adding a built-in grill and outdoor TV is a simple way to liven up a boring patio. It is also affordable when funds are tight and allows for additions such as a cool outdoor ice chest. Add some updated patio furniture with brand new cushions and you will be ready to host a summer evening of fun and relaxation. LRH Home Improvements can assist with all these desires.

A more expensive option is an average outdoor kitchen with an inset grill, ice machine, storage drawers and sixty square feet of counter space that might cost around $15,000. The ROI when a property is sold could be as much as $10,000. If grilling while socializing is your thing this may very well be the option for you and your family.

Adding a cover to your patio could also be the deciding factor that a potential buyer uses when deciding whether to purchase your home or the one down the street. A covered patio addition should be added in a way to blend with the previous construction of the home.

Whatever you decide is the best outdoor enhancement for your home addition will depend on how far you and your bank account what to go. Home improvement loans can make a dream come true and leave you with a backyard patio that all the neighbors enjoy coming back to visit time and time again. LRH Home Improvements can deliver any vision that a client presents along with quality value and service during the improvement construction process.

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