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LRH Home Improvements is passionate when it comes to remodeling your kitchen in the Oklahoma City area. We understand that the kitchen is a place where family and friends come together. This is the heart of the home, where people gather to cook a meal, socialize and even have a party. You have probably noticed when you host a gathering or attend a neighbor’s event everyone seems to hang out in the kitchen.

A kitchen remodel for an Oklahoma City homeowner should include a spectacular island with a large amount of counter space that can be used for food preparation and buffet style service. Other items that should be included in an amazing kitchen remodel is cabinetry, sinks, appliances and backsplashes. Cabinets should have space that allows for large amounts of storage. The kitchen sink can make a statement based on look, such as a farmhouse style or composite style sink. Also, the homeowner might consider adding a small prep sink at the island.  Appliances are a major focal point of the kitchen and often become conversation topics. There are a variety of choices and finishes to choose from. Some even have Wifi capabilities in today’s smart home world. Don’t forget about the backsplash. This should match your color scheme and countertops. The backsplash can make a statement in any kitchen and is an area where dollars should be invested. All these items can speak out for the homeowner and express how much they love their kitchen. 

When it comes to a kitchen remodeling project in an Oklahoma City home, LRH Improvements wants to assist you with your ideas and concepts. We will work with the homeowner and understand your needs and vision of what you want your kitchen to be. Some people want a few dated items replaced while others want a complete renovation. You might just want countertops and backsplash changed. Please contact us for an estimate for your Oklahoma City kitchen remodel project.

The following are items to think about when considering a kitchen remodel:

  • Beautiful Countertops
  • Fresh Paint
  • Functional Kitchen Island
  • Handy Cabinet Hardware
  • Increased Storage Space
  • Lovable Flooring
  • New and Clean Cabinetry
  • Powerful Exhaust Fan
  • Sophisticated Appliances
  • Statement Making Backsplash
  • Stylish Vent Hood
  • Trendy Sink
  • Updated Electrical Wiring
  • Updated Plumbing Fixtures
  • Useful Cabinet Accessories

During the first appointment for your kitchen remodel process, you will be able to explain how you imagine your renovated kitchen to appear. You should present your ideas with pictures or describe your vision of your fabulous kitchen concept. If you have magazine photos, or just want to walk around your kitchen with our kitchen remodeling expert, we can make it work. We will ask questions about your needs and style. A knowledgeable and experienced representative from LRH Improvements will study your current kitchen area and take measurements. They will not leave until they understand your needs and expectations. By listening to our clients and considering their budget we can create a design and scope of work to satisfy any desire. 

Our kitchen remodel expert can provide you with creative ideas and review concepts from other fantastic kitchen designs. Transitional, contemporary, classical and traditional kitchen designs are all concepts that are familiar to LRH Improvements. We recommend meshing your kitchen with your home’s overall interior design. This will positively impact the resale value of your home and will create the look and feel you desire.

We can provide you with customized and personalized kitchen designs that express feelings of home and family living. These designs will remain functional while maintaining the uniqueness of your kitchen dream.

LRH Improvements also provides recommendations of current design trends. We will show you concepts that use selections to capture your total vision and make your kitchen remodel a reality. Our promise is to deliver the kitchen design that will give you the most satisfaction and fit your needs. 

We then will create an estimate for you to review. This estimate should include all the requirements that you explained to our kitchen remodeling expert. Detailed analysis will be used to work out the best possible labor and material costs. A schedule will also be created for your kitchen renovation.  The estimate and schedule will be professionally presented to you for your approval.

During your kitchen remodel we will communicate with you frequently. We will start the project on time and complete it per your expectations. Should any delays or issues arise we will let you know as soon as possible and explain in detail any variances to the project’s cost or timeline. As we complete the design and preparation for your kitchen remodel, you can rest assured that the project will be under control and moving forward. 

LRH Improvement will use the most professional labor trade partners to transform your kitchen before your very eyes. These crews will begin each day and complete many tasks before they leave. We require that they clean up the workspace every day and respect your home as if it is their own home. You will observe as we replace kitchen backsplash tile, flooring, countertops, cabinetry and other items per your requirements.

As the project nears the final stage, we will continue to communicate with you so that we can complete and finish the project.  We will walk the project with you and create a punch list of due diligence items. This will ensure everything will be completed by our remodeling trade partners.

You will be asked to sign off on completion of the work only when you agree that it meets your satisfaction. 

Home remodeling companies will quote different prices when it comes to an Oklahoma City area kitchen remodel project. Retail costs can range from $40,000 to $70,000+ custom remodeling.  It might feel comfortable to receive a quote; however, LRH Improvements believe that we can deliver the best solution for your budget. Contact us for an estimate on your kitchen remodel. We promise to impress you with our quality of workmanship while delivering value and service.

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