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Family First, Excellence Always

John Cannon

John has always been a builder, whether his hobby of carpentry, building a law firm, or building homes with his brother-in-law and co-founder, Sean. He has always had an interest in taking raw materials and turning them into something wonderful.

“When I was a kid, I would spend hours building crafts and projects out of wood and loved seeing sticks or pieces of wood turn into something greater.”

John graduated law school in 2010 and has been a practicing attorney ever since, and serves in the National Guard as a Judge Advocate. Throughout his legal career, John has worked to build teams and eventually built his own law firm in 2018, Cannon & Associates.

John has always been fascinated with modeling and construction and soon realized after he married his wife, Megan, that he was interested in his brother-in-law’s chosen profession, building custom homes. John’s legal career has taught him attention to details in every endeavor. He is dedicated to ensuring your vision is realized in your final project, whether it is a custom home or a simple home improvement project.

John was eventually able to convince his brother-in-law and business partner, Sean, to move to Oklahoma and start Land Rush Homes. The business is focused on “Family First, Excellence Always” and undertakes every project as if it was for his own family.

John’s experience and understanding of the fundamentals in running a successful business; when combined with Sean’s twenty six years’ experience in building homes makes this team of brothers a dynamic duo. John and Sean’s combined experience allows them to undertake every project with a financially sound approach for every client; combined with decades of experience, which is what makes Land Rush Homes stand apart from the crowd.

Prior to starting Land Rush Homes, John focused on smaller design projects and building furniture for his own family. He is dedicated to combining a variety of types of craftsmanship into making a home that he hopes a family will live in for years to come.

Even though much has changed since the start of his career, John Cannon’s purpose has never changed: “Family First, Excellence Always.” John is a Fierce Advocate for his clients, both in building and in law. He is constantly seeking to improve the quality of services and projects Land Rush Homes provides and is always ready to help you build a better home for your family and generations to come.


Sean Eaton

Home building has always been a natural fit for Sean Eaton who has over 26 years of experience in the home building industry. Growing up as a child he was exposed to building products by observing his grandfather manage an extremely successful lumber company. He grew up in a rural area & filled time tinkering with lumber to construct things. 

Sean graduated from college in 1993. While in college he found himself once again associated with building materials and worked for a local lumber yard. 

After college Sean relocated to the San Antonio market. He began working for one of the largest builders in the nation. Sean expanded his knowledge of home building while working within the estimating / purchasing departments and eventually led the estimating team for a large national home builder.

Sean eventually developed a passion for custom home building while working with multiple builders and building processes and designs. Working with these builders allowed Sean to work with and develop knowledge in a wide variety of innovative products and design techniques. 

Sean transitioned to the role of purchasing manager for Fieldstone Homes in 2005 where he helped lead the company to become the fourth largest builder in the San Antonio market. Sean created many successful processes for streamlining home construction that lead to controlling building costs during his seven years with Fieldstone. He managed a large team spanning the divisions estimating, purchasing and design. 

Sean was a project manager for a home constructed on ABC TV’s “Extreme Home Makeover” while at Fieldstone Homes. This and other experiences, taught Sean the importance of customer satisfaction and serving customers throughout the process of any project with providing digestible information and reasonable cost and timeframe estimates. 

Eventually Sean was asked to take the leadership role of Division Purchasing Manager for Gehan Homes in Houston. For eight years Sean spent his days supporting the building of residential homes in one of the largest markets in the nation. Sean used his knowledge and experience to assist thousands of home buyers build the home of their dreams, while staying within a reasonable budget. He loved working closely with the design team and creating customer satisfaction. 

Throughout Sean’s time building homes in Houston, he stayed up to date on the latest building products and market trends for interior design. His time with Gehan helped grow his product design experience and taught him much about buyer expectations. 

Sean had been approached by his brother-in-law, John, many times to move to Oklahoma City and begin a custom home building and home renovation company; however, the timing had not worked until the two joined forces and created Land Rush Homes. 

Sean, his wife Molly and two beautiful children plan to make Oklahoma their home for many years to come. He hopes to assist you in building your dream home in the Oklahoma City area. Sean is passionate about the outdoors and enjoys exploring the beauty of nature and God’s creation.

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