How to Start a Kitchen Remodel

Many families know that they want to update their kitchen and the fact it is one of the most profitable investments in your home makes it a good choice for your first remodeling project. Many older homes have kitchens that are cramped or closed off to the rest of the living area. You know you want to remodel your kitchen, but you don’t know where to start. Continue reading to learn how to start a kitchen remodel. 

How to Start a Kitchen Remodel?

The best first step in a kitchen remodel is to meet with and hire an Oklahoma home renovation contractor; however, many people begin their kitchen remodel by searching for appliances, looking at kitchen remodel photographs and color schemes, without guidance or a clear vision for the kitchen remodel project. 

Why do kitchen projects take so long to start?

Remodeling can feel overwhelming, especially with a project in an essential part of your home; however, by working with an experienced Oklahoma home renovation team, you can minimize your time without your kitchen.  It is mentally draining to manage the choices, details, and every aspect of a kitchen remodel, which is why it is important to work with an Oklahoma kitchen remodel company you trust to help you design your kitchen and allow them to complete your project. 

Often times homeowners have a difficult time imagining the final kitchen improvement project and are hesitate to start, because the project seems overwhelming and too expensive. However, both of these concerns are part of why it is so important to speak with an Oklahoma home improvement company to understand the process for your remodel and set a budget. 

The following is a list of steps to help you prepare for and get started on your kitchen improvement project:

Step 1 – Prepare for Your Kitchen Remodel

The internet and home stores provide an unending selection of products and choices for your kitchen remodel; however, it is difficult to find a purpose. When you break down the process into logical steps it is easier to digest the process and think about completing your goal of remodeling your kitchen. 

Mindset is key with any home renovation project, i.e. determine why it is that you want to remodel your kitchen. Are motivated to make your home more valuable? Do you want to make your kitchen more user friendly? Is it your goal to make your kitchen more inviting to your family and guests? By identifying your purpose for renovating your kitchen, it is easier to develop a plan to reach that goal. 

Make a commitment. You will never renovate and update your kitchen, until you decide that you are going to do it! Once you are able to make the first step and decide with confidence that you are going to update your kitchen, you will be much closer to your goal of a new kitchen. 

As stated above, mindset is key, so as you think through the following steps, determine how you want your kitchen to improve your home and your life:

Step 2 – Determine Your Kitchen Remodel Needs

Kitchens come in many varieties; however, not every kitchen design is right for your home and your family. It is important to determine what type of kitchen you want to add to your home: a gourmet kitchen, a family kitchen, a modern kitchen, a kitchen to entertain guests, or another variety. All of these are good choices; however, not all of them will meet your needs. 

In assessing the kitchen remodel that is right for you, it is helpful to examine how you use your kitchen currently and how you want to be able to use your kitchen after your kitchen remodel is complete: 

  • What kitchen appliances do you use the most?
  • What kitchen appliances do you wish you had in your kitchen?
  • What other activities do you and your family do in the kitchen? Laundry, homework, entertain, etc.
  • How easy is it to access your kitchen storage space? Do you need more storage in your kitchen?
  • Do you need more counter space in your kitchen? Where do you want more counter space in your kitchen?
  • What do you like in your current kitchen?
  • What do you know you want to change about your current kitchen layout?
  • Do you have ideas about how you want the layout of your kitchen to change?
  • What is missing in your kitchen?
  • What style or color do you want to add to your kitchen?
  • The more thought you put into planning your kitchen remodel, the better your experience will be with the team you work with in remodeling your kitchen. 

Step 3 – Determine your Remodel Timeline

“How long does it take to remodel a kitchen?”

The amount of time it will take to complete your kitchen remodel depends on the size and scope of your kitchen remodel project, as well as the ability of the renovation company you hire. 

The average kitchen remodel should consist of one to three months of planning your project, designing, and hiring your kitchen remodel company and an additional three months for your kitchen remodel company to complete the work to complete your dream kitchen.

Time is a precious resource in home renovation projects. It is important to give yourself enough time to plan what you want and hire the right kitchen renovation company to build your dream kitchen. A lot of homeowners wrap up their projects much faster depending on how they use their time. Be sure to have realistic expectations about the time it will take to renovate your kitchen and plan accordingly. 

Step 4 – Set Goals for your Kitchen Remodel Project

Now that you have identified your needs and the timeline, the next step is to list your goals for the kitchen renovation project. Your goals may include some or all of the following:

  • Increase the value of your home for resale
  • Better storage in your kitchen, i.e. trash bin cabinets, pots & pans drawers
  • Bigger and brighter space in your kitchen and living area
  • More energy-efficient appliances
  • Increased countertop space
  • Modern kitchen with new color, hardware, and style  
  • New wooden or tile flooring
  • A coffee and or wine station
  • Charging station for electronics

Step 5 – Determine a Remodel Budget

You should have a good idea of the budget for your kitchen remodel, prior to meeting with kitchen remodel contractors. An important step in setting your budget is identifying the fixed costs in additions or kitchen improvements that you know you want to make, i.e. new large refrigerator, new range, new double stove, or hardwood cabinetry. 

In this way, determining your remodeling budget is similar to determining a budget for your house, i.e. what you are willing to pay depends on what your needs are in your new kitchen, what you’re willing to spend, as well as your financing options.

Kitchen remodels can span a wide range of budgets; however, most projects fall between $12,000 and $35,000. However, like everything in life, a high-end kitchen remodel with a complete overhaul of your existing kitchen can be far more expensive than $35,000. In most kitchen remodels, cabinets make up 25-30 percent of the budget. By determining your ideal kitchen remodel and the price you are willing to pay for your dream kitchen, you and your remodeler will have a clear vision of how to stay on your budget and meet your goals.

Step 6 – Design Meeting with your Kitchen Remodel Company

Once you have identified the design that you want and your budget, you need to communicate your kitchen remodel goals with your contractor. Your kitchen remodel contractor will be able to do all the shopping for your project, saving you time and the headache of multiple hours in a variety of kitchen and home renovation stores. Leave staring at five variations of the same faucet and kitchen sink sets to your contractor and their designer. So, you can focus on your life.

A kitchen remodel is a serious endeavor and it is important you have the amount of input you want in the design and budget of your remodel. Our team at Land Rush Homes is dedicated to ensuring that you have as much input as you want in each phase of the process and conversely that you are able to hand the project over to our team and see your dream kitchen come to life.

Step 7 – Handing your Kitchen Remodel over to the Professionals

Your kitchen remodel general contractor and interior designer/kitchen designer can you’re your thoughts, your budget, and your required kitchen improvements and develop a functional and actionable plan for your kitchen remodel. 

The interior designer / kitchen designer will help your vision come to life and seek to obtain the best value for your budget. The designer on our team will take the time to understand your wants and needs and translate those into a functional and beautiful kitchen remodel. 

The general contractor is in charge of ensuring every part of your design comes to life to meet your desired plans. The general contractor is responsible for organizing the phases of your remodel and ensuring the right people, have the right supplies, at the right time, to build your dream kitchen. This includes scheduling trade professionals, including plumbers, electricians, tile professionals, fabricators, and finish carpenters.

The general contractor and interior designer work together to ensure their expertise translates into you making better remodeling decisions. Between your input, the kitchen designer, and your general contractor, you will be able to ensure your kitchen is designed and decorated to your desire. 


Contact Land Rush homes for a free custom kitchen renovation strategy meeting. You can sit down with our team, learn from our years of experience, and design the kitchen of your dreams! Contact us HERE or complete the contact information on this page and our team will reach out to you.

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