How to Prepare for Your Builder Meeting

When anticipating a meeting with your Oklahoma City custom home builder for the very first time, you might feel anxious and overwhelmed. You also might not have a clue what you should do to prepare for that meeting. There are some easy tasks and steps that you should consider before your first meeting. Following the steps that we are about to discuss will make your first meeting productive and payoff with clear directions for both sides of the table. 

The following are seven tasks to complete before your first builder meeting:

  1. Create files with needed documents and reference materials.
    1. A folder with items that you have printed or cut out of magazines. Information about the build area and important escrow documents.
    2. A folder within your email Inbox titled “Home Build” so that you can organize any emails related to your building project.
    3. You might create a Google Drive account or simply have a Word file with notes that you type for your build. It is nice to have all your ideas and notes in one place for reference. 
  2. Identify your needs and must haves by creating a detailed list.
    1. Write down the items that you like and must have going room by room. Start with the kitchen for example.
    2. Make a separate list for exterior must haves such as an outdoor kitchen or shutters on the front of the home.
    3. Other list ideas might include landscaping, home automation items, and energy efficiency requirements.
  3. Brainstorm about what your floor plan might look like.
    1. Do you want a one story or two story?
    2. What do you want the elevation (face of the home) to look like?
    3. How big do you want your home such as square footage?
    4. How many bedrooms and bathrooms? 
  4. Gather design inspirations by searching online or in magazines.
    1. You might open a Pintrest account and show your builder ideas.
    2. Research plumbing fixtures, lighting and door hardware styles.
    3. Talk about cabinetry and trim work that you like.
  5. Prepare a clear budget or range that you need to stay within.
    1. It is not a bad idea to meet with a lender ahead of time and bring a loan pre-approval letter to the meeting. 
    2. Decide on a price point in ranges of $100k. For example: you might tell you builder you want to build a home valued somewhere between $500,000 and $600,000.
  6. Write down scripted questions for your builder. 
    1. Ask your builder about their experience.
    2. Ask about the construction loan process and payments.
    3. You might ask them to explain the types of construction and methods they plan to use to build your home. 
    4. How long will the build time take?
    5. What happens if you want to make a change during construction.
    6. What is the warranty that comes with the home? Ask you builder to explain in detail about workmanship and structural warranties.
  7. Bring all relevant documentation to the meeting.
    1. This could be all the items in the folder you created. 
    2. Information on the lot where you intend to build.
    3. Photos of exteriors, color splotches that you like.
    4. Anything that you feel is relevant to the design and building process.

These steps might seem like they will take a large amount of your time but doing some research ahead of the meeting will save you time and money once the build starts. Your builder will be able to provide more accurate cost estimates if you are extremely open and clear about your desires and expectations. Always be honest with them if they propose something that you really do not like. If there is one item that is extremely important to have in your home, then make a big deal about it so that it is reinforced in your builder’s mind. You do not want to live with a major disappointment in your new home because you did not communicate a desire to your custom home builder. 

Completing these steps prior to your initial builder meeting will make you feel confident while creating a good plan for the meeting. Your builder will be extremely happy that you have taken the time to do some homework. It will set the tone for a great building relationship while you both partner on your Oklahoma City area custom home project. 

We at Land Rush Homes would love to partner with you on your Oklahoma City custom home building project. We pride ourselves in our ability to listen to our clients and find creative ways to make their dream homes a reality. Please consider Land Rush Homes for your custom home building project. We truly believe Family First, Excellence Always

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