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We have all heard the saying “Good fences make good neighbors”. Having a good quality and well-built fence doesn’t mean you have to look at something boring in the backyard. There are unique styles of fences along with enhancement ideas that can add to the beauty of your back yard. LRH Home Improvement Division can help you take a boring fence and turn it into something enjoyable to look at while relaxing in the back yard. We can also assist in fencing additions and replacements. The fencing world provides a variety of styles and combinations of panel work. Wood, metal, stone and concrete are some of the materials seen today in residential fencing. The limitations can only be from finances and your friendly HOA.

A fence with caps and rails, alternating pickets and decorative trim on the posts adds a nice touch to any backyard. Choosing a stain color gives any fence a final clean look. These type fences can cost anywhere from $25 to $35 a linear foot so get ready to shell out some cash for this type of look.

There are more affordable options for replacement fencing. Adding a simple “Good Neighbor” fence with no stain and two rails can cost around $18 a linear foot. Adding a third rail and a rot board to the bottom that can help preserve long Gevity will generally add about $3 a linear foot to the cost. There is also the option of just repairing the already existing fence by replacing pickets and perhaps adding a sealer.

The most common good neighbor style fences alternate panels. This eliminates the discussion about who gets the side with the pickets or rails. This type fence is very popular with home builders.

The shadow box fence style is another type of fence that gives both neighbors the same side to look at.

Gate enhancements are another way to spruce up the backyard while taking care of that old gate that hangs up every time you try to push the mower through it. LRH Improvements has many creative ideas to present. Or we can build just about anything you come up with. Gates are like front doors and can often make a statement about who the owner is and what type of grand back yard bar b que they plan to throw.

A pergula can also be added to make a gate interesting and structurally more sound at the same time.

If your HOA allows it or there are no restrictions, then iron fencing is another option. This type fence costs much more and can range from $40 to $80 a linear foot depending on the bells and whistles. These fences tend to be associated with higher end communities or those who might live on a green belt or golf course. They provide opportunity to view outside the back yard. The downside is the lack of privacy.

Whatever fence you may choose LRH Improvement Division wants to assist in your next project. Let us handle the head aches and concerns about any home fence remodel task.

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